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onyx floor refinishing
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Cleaning, Honing, Polishing, Sealing, Grinding, Chip and Crack Repair

onyx floor tiles refinished
onyx floor tiles refinished

Onyx floor refinishing is a virtually dust free process in which we can do a variety of different processes depending on the condition of the stone surface.

Has your onyx become scratched, dull or old-looking? We can restore your onyx, so that it looks just as good or better than when it was installed. Whether you prefer a polished or honed finish, we use the best tools, technology, and techniques to provide superb results.

Cleaning-Removal of dirt, grease and grime build up including the low porous areas of your terrazzo floor.

Chip & Crack Repair- We expertly match the color and texture of the material we are working with. Then we match the finish to your terrazzo floor so the filled area blends in as naturally as possible.

Diamond Honing & Scratch Removal-This wet diamond honing process is virtually dust free, it removes the scratches and dull/etch marks from the terrazzo surface. We cover the walls and all surrounding areas in plastic sheeting wherever needed.

Polishing/Finishes-We offer high polished, high satin, satin, honed/low satin and matte finish. These finishes are achieved using abrasive compounds from Italy to match the factory finishes.  Some of our customers have found that their existing natural stone floors are too slippery creating a serious fall risk.  Ace Marble Restoration can provide a matte finish to the stone making it less slippery.  This is especially important on pool decks, lanai's and even some bathrooms.  This can also be added as a precaution for commercial property. 

Grinding - This wet diamond grinding process which is virtually dust free is used to remove lippage and uneven tiles on a floor or wall and can be matched to any one of our finishes.

Sealers-We offer the highest quality penetrating sealers available for terrazzo floors to protect against soiling, staining, water and oil based spills.  Please note with the new sealer technology there is no chemical smell and the drying time for the sealer is approximately 15 minutes.  The floor can be walked on right away.

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