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repairing chipped and cracked floor tiles
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Repairing Chipped & Cracked Floor TilesMarble Restoration Divider

Do your floors have chipped or cracked tiles?

Chip and Crack Repair

We expertly match the color and texture of the material we are working with. Then we match the finish of stone so the filled area blends in naturally.

chipped floor tile before repair
Chipped Floor Tile Before
chipped floor tile after repair
chipped floor tile after repair

Enjoy your tile once again!

We want you to enjoy your tile. Now and for years to come. If you need chips and/or cracks repaired in your tile, or if you’re not satisfied with your tile and grout for any reason, give us a call at 772-589-3552 or contact us at the link below.

We will give you a free, no obligation assessment of your tiles, and we’ll let you know the simplest and best solutions to your problems.

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