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Ceramic & Porcelain Floor Refinishing
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Cleaning, Polishing and Grout Services

ceramic tile before
Ceramic Tile Before refinishing
Tile floors are very low maintenance but should be professionally cleaned periodically. Dirt, grime, and grease tend to build up in the low areas on the tile and make it very difficult to clean with household cleaners. We use a heavy duty machine scrubbing process along with the finest chemicals available to remove deep stubborn stains. A common problem that occurs on tile floors is hardened grout residue.  Sometimes after a tile floor is installed excess grout is left on the floor and is very difficult to clean off. Grout residue then soils very quickly. We use the finest cleaners that are specifically made to clean the excess grout off.

ceramic tile and grout after
ceramic tile and grout after
Polishing - In some cases your tile floor might not have the same finish that it once had. We can polish your floor and bring that finish back. This process is done with an abrasive compound and can remove many stubborn stains.


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